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We own a very large warehouse; it’s not very difficult to us to help peace of mind in good consignment and transshipment.

The consignment service of Loi Loi will be the best solution for those who have no favorable location or it’s too narrow to sell. Thus, customers will become consigners and they don’t need to worry about leasing premises as a warehouse, and it’s very quick for customers to expand networks through the consignment parties, and it’s easy to quickly and conveniently transfer of goods to customers without transportation services.

To Loi Loi, the consignment service is always guaranteed by maximum support services. With the reputation that is built by Loi Loi for many years, you can absolutely believe in our consignment service.

LOI LOI – Strength and Faith!

For further information, please kindly contact:

Mr. Vo Hong Phat
Sales manager

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